Win Or Lose,You Gotta Choose!

The teacher came to the classroom and announced that all those who were interested in standing for the post of the College Captain could give in their names. I didn't. I was scared, hesitant. "What if I lose?" In the break, I met my friends. They asked me to give it a try. I was …


.. Memories ..

Dear Memories, I write this letter to thank you for all your kindness through the past few years. I am extremely thankful to you for not leaving my hand at different turns and twists of life. When people who meant a lot to me left, you remained. When I missed friends and family, you made me laugh …

Hello world!

This is the very first post of my life! And of course it is so special. I do not have any definite plan of things that I am going to be sharing with all..But I do want to say things which very strongly affect my lives through this blog:-)