“All we have is Now”

It occurred to me a while ago of how much we usually value our lives and cannot give it up for anything except of course when we’re depressed and killing oneself is the only thought in mind. It’s not that we are living our life to the fullest each day. The most we do on most days is exist, survive. But it’s crazy how much we fear death and the idea of not being around anymore sends a chill down our spines even though we complain about our lives on a daily basis. Imagine if we were to actually perish every time we told a friend “I’m done with my life.”

I don’t know how many lives are lost every single day in accidents and unforeseen mishaps when everything falls apart within hours and minutes. Everything which seemed perfectly normal suddenly turns the whole game around and all we’re left with is “What could have been done” and “What could have been said”.

Every day while coming to College my bus passes by the Mallya Hospital and looking at the tensed faces in and around the building makes me realize how some of us are privileged enough to be walking around doing work while some lie on hospital beds fighting between life and death, between here and nowhere, between being present and becoming a past.

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” Buddha said it. People heard it. But I’m not sure how many comprehend it. Every night when we sleep, we aren’t even sure if we’ll see the rising Sun. But we think we have time. Every day we think, “I should talk to this person. He seems nice. “Tomorrow maybe”. We think we have time. Every afternoon we think of trying the new restaurant in our locality. “Next week for sure”. We think we have time.  We cannot be sure about our results, cannot be sure if our favourite team will win tomorrow’s match but I wonder how we are so sure we’ll see all our loved ones after six months or they’ll see us.

I sometimes laugh at how many plans we make for the future, only hinged on the hope that we’ll live to see that day. I wonder how many such plans and dreams died in the Manchester suicide bombing incident recently.

I read this somewhere. Let me ask you. “If your life ended right now, could you honestly say you lived it the way you wanted”? Alas! I wonder how few of y’all answered yes.

I won’t conclude by saying “Live your life man!”, “YOLO”, “Go out there and do it!” because all they give you are 10 second highs which eventually recede without even hangovers! xD

But something I’m sure all of us can do is believe in the little things. All our lives we wait for big occasions, glamorous events, planned meet ups, far away destinations and often in the process neglect the daily family dinners, sudden visits, impromptu journeys and the regular canteen chai with friends.

Maybe it’s time we stop worrying about tomorrow as though it’s guaranteed. Maybe it’s time we know that it’s not important to give time some time but make the most of it now. Maybe it’s time we start realizing that every breath, every blink and every heartbeat is a gift. Maybe it’s time we stop hating and spreading hate. And maybe it’s time we appreciate what we have and not ponder about what we don’t. You never know where the full stop to your story is.

Because after all,

“This world is a stage and we’re all actors,

Not everyone’s part ends with a Ciao.

Love whatever you got, live however you desire,

Coz darling, all we have is right now”.




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