Being Her!

Yes I am a Girl. A girl of the Indian society. A girl unfortunately living in a time when being a girl is probably the unluckiest thing you can be.

As soon as the news about the molestation of girls on New Year’s Eve spread and reached my ears, I thought, “Yeah right! This is how you want to start a 365 page book. With the 1st page saying “I molested a girl. I groped someone’s sister. I forcefully kissed someone’s daughter. I stole her off her dignity. I treated her like a piece of shit. Yes I did. And I did it with no regrets.””

Girls have forever been blamed and held responsible for such acts. “Why were you out so late? Why were you wearing such short clothes? Why were you hanging out with boys?” My only question to all of them is “Why so many questions? Why so many “Whys”?” Every single person whether a boy or girl has the right to live their lives in the way they want to. Every person who raises a question against their lifestyle is to be blamed. Everyone who shows curiosity or pokes their nose into their business is the criminal. The people who do such shameful crimes don’t look for girls in mini skirts. A girl is a girl, whether in shorts or clad in a burqa. But if people still have a problem then ask the ones in salwar suits if they’ve never been touched inappropriately. And then ask yourself “What was their mistake?”

The root cause of such mishappenings is not the girls but the Boys. And this is not with respect to all the boys of our nation. In fact such molesters and rapists bring shame to that male community who fights for women rights, development and safety. The way boys in our country are brought up, the way they are always considered superior, the way most of them are given freedom to experiment and explore which is not the case for most girls is the problem. They’re never questioned if they hang around with a lot of girls or roam in shorts.  But seriously, who’s to blame? The Western culture? Or the heroes in movies who go around hitting on girls? Each and everything plays a small role in creating a certain mindset of people. The worst part is when you realize that the people involved are not illiterate or uneducated. They are very much a part of the privileged educated society. But is this what we’re teaching them? To stand in a pitch dark lane only to force oneself on a girl? This ultimately raises questions on our education system.

The one major issue we have to ponder over is Why do girls have to fight even for their basic rights? For our right to stay safe. At least in our own homes, streets, country. Why do we have to fight to go out, see the world, wear what we want to, do what we like to. Why do we have to fight for respect. For peace?

Girls are as good as boys if not better today. They stand shoulder to shoulder in anything and everything. You name it and I’ll find a girl who can do it. And mind you, all these achievements have also come after a lot of struggle and fights.

The questions will remain. People will talk. There will be promises made. And ultimately there’ll be silence again. There will still be such molestations and rapes and the CCTVs will again be ashamed to capture horrific incidents on them. All I have to say is that maybe the fire will be put out or quietened by authorities and politicians but let not the spark die. Let not the past remain just past. Let not the cries and screams fade away from our ears.

If all that girls can do is fight, we will. Even if no one stands beside us, we won’t bow down. Even if it requires us to speak up. Even if it wants us to slap them. Girls will help girls. Boys will help girls. Against those animals who worship Mary and who worship Durga but think it is cool to torture girls. This fight will go on. Until there’s peace at last. Until the criminals are hanged and no successors are born. Until girls are treated as girls and not objects.  Until that New Year’s Eve when another girl walking on the streets knows that it’s going to be a happy new beginning and nothing else…



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