When you rise above fear..!

My friends recited these incidents to me:-

 “I still remember that day when the poster inviting students to participate in the solo singing competition was put up on the notice board. I remember going through it, imagining myself standing there and singing and almost immediately bursting that bubble and walking off. The one and only reason – FEAR. If I had participated, it could have meant a beginning to my dreams..”

“I remember my science teacher asking us if anyone could explain the Newton’s Laws. I knew it. I knew it very well. But the first thing I looked at was my class and almost immediately FEAR got the better of me. I didn’t raise my hand and an average guy who explained it in bits and pieces got applause from the teacher.”

“The College called all those who were interested in Cricket for selections. I couldn’t go. The only reason – “What if I don’t hold the bat properly? What if I get out for a duck?” In simple words – FEAR. I let go of my biggest dream only to later repent my choice..””

 What I noticed in all the three of them was regret. The thought of “If only I had stood up that day..” or “ If only I showed a little bit more courage..”

This is what fear does to us. The fear of being laughed at. The fear of being mocked. The fear of not justifying the act. And the fear of being judged. And in the process of trying to save one’s dignity at that moment we sometimes end up giving up on life’s best opportunities.

How many of us wouldn’t have told our parents about our dreams and goals just because of fear? How many of us wouldn’t have approached someone who we liked just because we were scared? How many of us didn’t stand up at important moments and said “Try me”? When we think about it deeply, every single day we do something or don’t due to cowardice.

Fear is not bad at all times. Fear helps us stay on the right path. Fear of losing one’s sanity. Fear of doing someone wrong. For some, fear of God or parents. But fear at moments which decide our future or change our lives only leads to disappointment.

The only thing that we need to understand at such crucial moments is that there are always two sides as to what can happen. Things might work out. Things might not. But if we never try due to fear of losing, we will never know. It is always important to prepare oneself for failure but also hold on to the fact that a single defeat does not mean the end of the world. However big or small it may be. Everything we want lies on the other side of fear. And once we comprehend this, nothing can ever bring us down. Always remember, Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

And so the next time, let this be the conversation in your mind:-

“I’m scared. I can’t do it. This is not my thing.”

“This is Fear. And remember love, Fear is only temporary but Regret lasts forever..”






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