A gloomy cloudy morning sky had already left us feeling dull and totally unenthusiastic when all of a sudden like the eruption of a volcano, started a fight between my Mom and me. Like always it began with a tiny little issue but it soon progressed to a big issue if you know how such fights proceed. I went away to my room to avoid listening to my mother. In my heart, I felt I had won. Feeling proud that I had been able to keep my point, I looked up at the sky wishing that the Sun came out and all dramatically, I could actually feel victorious. But Alas! It didn’t. Things did not end there. My Mom entered my room, we spoke again and the fight soon went down the “Emotional” road. There were tears and a lot of explaining and understanding and at last, there was silence. If there had been an Umpire standing there observing the discussion, he would have definitely called the 3rd, 6th and 9th Umpires by now to decide who was out in the game.

We did not say anything to each other for a pretty long time until guilt overpowered the anger in the both of us. Guilt of the way we had spoken to each other, guilt of the misunderstandings we had created and guilt of the fact that we had ruined our Sunday. We both were dying to talk to each other but none was ready to bow down and accept defeat or even accept “Cease Fire”! Until something unexpected happened. Something made me walk out of my room and towards the kitchen when I saw my Mom walking towards my room. And then out of nowhere, my Mom hugged me and we cried in each others’ arms until our heavy hearts felt lighter. We both said “Sorry”, we both promised to change ourselves in certain ways and make an effort to keeping each other happier. And guess what happened then! The Sun shone like a King and all dramatically it said we both had won:)

True love is weird. It is complicated. In relationships bound by true love, you never can walk away by fighting or misunderstanding the other person. It is all about accepting the flaws, the cons and the weaknesses of your partner. And most weirdly, fights in such relationships only increase the love we have for each other. They make us realize how one should sometimes learn to compromise and that sometimes you need to place the person you love above you. It is healthy at times to let out what you have inside for the other person, whether love or anger. I truly believe that these feelings can be shared by you only when you truly love a person. Parents scold their kids because they love them and want to mould them into better citizens. Although we don’t see it at all times, this is the purest form of love ❤ We have a certain kind of authority over the ones we love and care about. A certain kind of possessiveness and the will to make that person come up better in his life.

I think that a little bit of discussion, a little bit of criticism and honesty in a relationship is a key to keeping it healthy. The discussions and arguments are not meant to be won by a person but are only to make the other person realize where he can make an effort to improve himself. And that’s why these fights happen only to later make up:’)


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