Decoding Life!


You are a person who has always given love, never gotten any. You are selfless, you are unconditional and you have a got a big heart. If there’s anyone who knows this fact it’s you. You don’t need anyone or everyone to know it.

The world. It has a billion people. Losing a few doesn’t mean the end. There are still billions waiting to be discovered by you, known by you. Sometimes when things don’t work between people, it is because they have differences that cannot be resolved and they are just not meant to be. But those who are meant to be in your life fit in like a jigsaw puzzle and complete your life. Never go looking out for such people. When they come, they will stay and be there when you need them. You don’t have to search for them.

When you think of it, being a part of this society is not easy. It is definitely a task which requires you to be brave, sometimes be stone-hearted but sometimes feel. It is a task which makes you laugh at times, makes you cry at times. It tests your patience, it tests you. And you end up with a question in mind – “Do I even belong here?” Even after all the struggles, all tests and all the stress if you’ve come this far and held your head high, you ought to be proud. And trust the fact that you belong here and deserve to be here.

Never compare yourself. Never do. Everyone has a different meaning of success. Everyone has a different meaning of failure. Everyone has different limits and everyone has different SITUATIONS and REASONS. By comparing yourself, you not only degrade yourself but also degrade the work of God as he has created you( Atheists, please ignore). Not only are the fingerprints of the billion people different, the identity of each person is unique too. Sometimes we question our uniqueness or the various ways in which we are different. We might not be proud of some differences but you know what, all the flaws and the strengths blend together to make you.

Love yourself. Even if you are hyperactive. Even if you are too shy. Even if you are fat. Even if you are skinny. Even if you have. Even if you don’t. Love yourself. Because only when you do, can you make others love you. The world today is in search of real people, not those who exist in layers, in veils.

I read somewhere that timing is everything. If anything in this world is supposed to happen, it will. But at the right time and for the right reasons. Believe in this. Believe in you. Believe in the way this universe works.

Nothing is ever decided. You never can know how long you will live. Where you will go. Who you will meet. But what you do know is your present. As the clock ticks, our lives change. Every moment in this world, someone is born, someone dies. Someone marries, someone divorces. Someone celebrates, someone mourns. Someone learns, someone doesn’t. But every moment, things change. Nothing is permanent. And when you realize and comprehend that nothing is permanent, why do you think things in our life would be? Our feelings. Our situations. Our states. Our looks. Nothing is going to be permanent.

Life is a four letter word but how long does it take us to realize what it is? Some of us are still trying to decode it. It is simple yet complicated. Understandable yet incomprehensible. Can be defined yet has no definite meaning. So, what is life?

Life is a chance mate. A single chance. To make yourself. To change yourself. Or to break yourself. We spend our entire life making plans, having dreams, setting future goals. But you never know if you’re going to live to see that day. Remember, life is all about finding yourself yet losing yourself in the process. Life is all about being you. Even if it means being weird, lame, dumb, hyper, mad or whatsoever. Embrace the glorious mess you are.

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s okay to feel bad and ask yourself ‘What the hell did I just do?’ But never repent anything you did. If you realize, the dumb mistakes we make in the past are the ones that make us laugh even today. They shape us. They make us. Even if you felt embarrassed. Even if you made a fool out of yourself. It’s okay. We are not here to be perfect, right?

Stop running. Behind people. Behind feelings. Behind things. Behind anything. If anything is meant to stay in your life, it will. With people, it works like this. Set them free. If they are meant to be with you or deserve a place in your life, they will make an effort to be there. To stay there. Right there in your heart. And if they don’t, accept the fact that they were never meant to be there in the first place. You just stuffed them in unknowingly.

Remember all this and you’ll never feel hurt again. Unburden yourself. Love yourself. You are amazing.




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