What happens when you give something

And never get anything in return?

What happens when you spread joy

But don’t get back any fun?

What happens when you gift smiles

And all you’ve got is tears in your eyes?

What happens when you be truthful

But all that’s yours is hundreds of lies?

What happens when you shine the Sun

And your own backyard is full of rain?

What happens when you fulfill desires

And yours go unnoticed again?

What happens when you give them time

When you yourself don’t have adequate?

What happens when you spread love,

But there’s pure hatred in your fate?

What happens when you give freedom

When your own soul is chained so tight?

What happens when you wear a smile,

Even though you are dying on the inside?

Do you break down and stop sharing

All the happiness you’ve got in you?

Or run away from the people around

Give up hope on anybody but you?

Do you force yourself deep down in a dungeon

Think why you deserved all of this?

Should you change yourself or let yourself be

Find a way somehow to true bliss?

It’s tough to understand but it’s a fact

That giving is in your hands no doubt.

But getting something in return, it ain’t

It doesn’t mean your effort doesn’t count.

When you bring a smile, you’re changing lives

You’re making people forget their mess.

And for once they think they can stride through

You’re unknowingly making their pain less.

When you spread love, you are a ray

Of hope and of peace in hearts

Of people shattered by numerous incidents

And mind you, loving is quite an art!

It doesn’t really matter what you’ve lost

When you win people’s hearts by your deeds.

It makes your wounds pain less and gives pure joy,

Unknowingly fulfills all your needs.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re noticed,

If you’re thanked and appreciated at all.

If your work makes you a better human being

You can be proud and have the right to stand tall.

And remember mate, it all comes back

It all comes back one fine day.

When the people whose lives you’ve touched

Remember you and thank you in various ways.

Some walk the path you showed,

Some become strong when you are with them.

Some follow you and adore you,

And they soon make it out of all the mayhem.

When you live a life for others,

You unknowingly bring a change in your own.

And then whether it’s dusk or dawn,

You never ever walk alone.

You walk with joy and with pride,

With satisfaction and a true smile.

You walk with all the memories you’ve made,

Which stay with you till your last mile:)





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