Win Or Lose,You Gotta Choose!

Red and green street signs with blue and stormy sky with words Win and Lose Win versus Lose

The teacher came to the classroom and announced that all those who were interested in standing for the post of the College Captain could give in their names. I didn’t. I was scared, hesitant. “What if I lose?” In the break, I met my friends. They asked me to give it a try. I was still confused. But well for my friends’ sake, I gave my name. And suddenly I was all determined to give it my best shot.

The day came when we had to speak in front of the +2 batch. A crowd of around 540 sitting in front looking right into your face and thinking if you could be a good Captain. I remained focused. I knew exactly what I had to do. I gave my speech with confidence and had a dream in my eyes to be able to lead this crowd. It went well. People voted. The day ended.

Next, came in the +1 batch in the college. New faces, new people and new enthusiasm. We now had to speak in front of them. I understood that day that it is quite a challenge to be able to impress people who you have never seen in your life. I tried to make it as humble, touching and interesting as possible. It went pretty well. Felt satisfying.


After all the speeches and a great amount of tension, came June 27th 2015. Our investiture ceremony. A day to remember. Dances, songs, entertainment and surprises. I climbed the stage with my heartbeat racing and fingers crossed when the contestants were invited on the stage. The College Captain’s name was announced and it sounded nothing like Palak Shrivastava. I hadn’t won! And I realized that ultimately nothing had worked. Nothing at all. It did pain though, I felt numb. I just couldn’t believe that all the hard work, the blessings, the prayers, the wishes, the instincts and the dreams had just gone down the drain.

I knew how important this was for me and the world came down as I heard the name of someone else being announced as “The College Captain”. I felt disappointed and like a complete loser. But it did take me a few hours to digest the fact and understand that maybe she was just better( not that I was worse xP).

As I write this down, I still have the scene of me losing playing in my mind. But I guess, I have to believe the gospel truth that winning or losing is not exactly in our hands. The quicker I understand that, the better for me. I am proud that I stood up for something some people don’t even dream about. I was a competitor for the winner and I was the first choice for many of my friends in both the batches. I am happy that there were people who stood by me all through these times and that I could make a place for myself in many minds. I am happy that I found many new friends in people I didn’t even know existed. I may have lost the elections but I am happy I could win many hearts♥♥.


Losing and winning are the two sides of the same coin. But you can actually decide which side you want to choose. I read somewhere, “Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn!” And once you start standing by this, there is no way you can ever be defeated.

Let’s just celebrate the fact that I did dare. Maybe I did not win, but I did not lose either. And what I have earned from this experience is much more than what I would have learnt after becoming the Captain. Life must go on and I would just like to believe that I was too good for the post of the COLLEGE CAPTAIN! XD


One Reply to “Win Or Lose,You Gotta Choose!”

  1. Wow Palak, I’m proud of you… Your article is just superb.. Don’t worry, you have many other great chances awaiting you! Maybe your right, You are too good for the post of a College Captain!! 😉

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