Fashion..U create it!


This word, this simple ,easily pronounceable, short word plays such an important role in our daily lives that it is almost everyday we hear the sentence…” This is in fashion..”

So basically the question which every now and then strikes me in my mind is that when we are unique, when we do not want to copy anyone, we do not want to walk on anybody else’s path then why do we so blindly follow something which has been created, worn and followed by someone else? Of course, it mostly does make us look good and feel good. But it is very often that just to follow something in fashion, we compromise on our comfort and happiness. From skirts to jumpsuits and from heels to boots, there is stuff which makes us feel irritated and restless( come on accept it) but the pressure from the world outside forces us to wear something which we would so like to jump out from.

Unfortunately, the world around us judges us from how we look and what we wear rather than who we are and what we do. And just to satiate the world’s thirst to glance upon beauty, we go on to hide pain in a fake smile. One of my friends had her Whatsapp status saying,” Why be fake? When being real is much easier..” And I so agree with her.

I think that the world has billions of individuals each one of them being unique and different from the rest. But if we all start following something which one person does, then we don’t remain individuals, we become a CROWD, a crowd walking behind someone who even we don’t know is happy or not. What I am trying to say here is not to stop wearing clothes, or start roaming around in a jute bag.! All I am saying is that comfort should always be first on our list, at least before looks. Until you are not satisfied and comfortable about wearing something, you can never make the crowd believe you are. Feel relaxed, open up and stay calm. You can look as good in palazzos  as you do in denims, you can rock even a saree as you rock a mini dress and you can walk around in style in sneakers as you do in those wedges.

Believe me, once you start believing in who you are, the world will too…!


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