.. Memories ..


Dear Memories,

I write this letter to thank you for all your kindness through the past few years. I am extremely thankful to you for not leaving my hand at different turns and twists of life. When people who meant a lot to me left, you remained. When I missed friends and family, you made me laugh at old incidents and days we had spent together. And when I had to depart from places I loved, you still caught on with me, stuck in my mind, helping me reminisce the joyous past events.

Dear memories, each and everyday something unique happens in our lives. People come and people go. Episodes happen, adventure happens. Laughter emerges, tears arrive. And we learn something new each day. Promise me, that you will remain with me forever, after things happen and time rushes past us. After emotions retrieve and the present becomes past and after farewell is bid and goodbyes said, promise that you will still remain tightly adhered to my mind and heart.

With this I close my letter in the hope that you will not leave me in the variant paths of life and be strong enough to hold all those events together which give me smiles and joy or remind me of truths and sorrows. But anyway, I love you all most passionately..!




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