The best b’day present ever!


It’s a lovely morning and I wake up early only because of one reason..It’s D-Day! The bright sunny morning of the 30th of August feels special and blissful as I celebrate my 4th b’day. I run to the balcony and feel the cool wind blow past my face and it feels as if it announces the arrival of someone very special in my life,but of course being a naive four-year old gives me the least hint of who it would be.

The day starts with my near and dear ones showering b’day wishes on me and it feels as if I am the most special on this globe today. Wishes are coming from here, from there and from aunts and uncles I didn’t even know existed! Of course I am enjoying the importance but in my heart I eagerly wait for the evening when all my best friends would arrive for the tea party at home with presents of all types! In the afternoon, my mum recalls the same day four years ago when, at seven in the morning, I entered this beautiful world.  The story seems so unreal yet true. And without my noticing, dawn turns into dusk and joy bubbles in my heart as my friends enter my decorated home. My mum’s busy preparing the snacks and my dad sets the music loud which leaves half of my friends dancing and the other half mesmerized by the smell of food.

And suddenly amidst the noise and laughter, I hear my mum cry out with pain in her stomach and almost immediately my dad takes out the car and they rush to the hospital. I always knew that that kid inside kicked my mum quite often but this was the first time I had seen her scream that loud. The party, now being taken care of by my grandparents and relatives is in full swing but I have a very different feeling inside me- something I have never felt before. And my feeling turns into reality as the phone rings and my relatives take me with them to the hospital. I feel my heartbeat increasing as I enter the hospital room where my mum is. And as I enter I see my mum resting on the bed but what I notice is a small, chubby and apple like red face lying near my mum and at once I knew whose arrival the wind had hinted in my ears that morn.

And so, this is how I received the best b’day gift of my life. A sister, officially but a friend, a guide, a support, an angel and a gift from God. It’s been twelve years down the lane and much water has flown under the bridge. She has grown from a naughty bubbly kid to an almost teenager. We might have fought and shouted but love has only increased between us and will ever do.

This post I write for my sister, Pranjal, but I know that it is too less to thank her for all the times she has stood by me , cried with me and understood me at times when nobody did. And this is only to say that I love you Pranjal and will ever do till my last breath..!


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