Life- A Journey Unstoppable!

A tear falls from our eyes,
we are sad, we are torn apart,
we think our end awaits,
we do not listen to our heart.
We do not pay heed when it says,
that it’s not the end that waits,
there waits a new beginning,
and grab it before it’s too late.
We only recollect the past,
the past so painful and sad,
and turn a blind eye to the present,
which waits to turn good from bad.
We hear only the closing of one door,
the opening of the other doesn’t reach our ears,
we pain ourselves thinking what went wrong,
we blame ourselves with eyes full of tears.
But what we do, my friends, is certainly wrong,
because we forget that each day in life is a new song,
we forget that once gone the past won’t return,
and that a new day awaits us full of frolic and fun.
When we think it’s all over,
we forget that the sun will shine again,
that the birds will sing their melodious song,
and the clouds will bring their rain.
And so, my dear, we should understand,
that life is a journey good and bad,
we should learn to live each day as if it’s the last day of our lives,
full of joy, content and without a drop of strife.
Because we don’t know when it’s all going to end,
It doesn’t depend on our choice for sure,
but it surely depends on us how we live each day,
whether we move on with life or keep asking for more and more…

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