Accept it – Australia deserved it !

It was not uncommon to find some drooping shoulders and disappointed faces on the 26th of March when the Indian cricket team surrendered to the merciless and badass Aussies.

It was quite a game of cricket on Thursday when Australia proved once again why they have been the World Champions four times. The exceptional bowling and the fantastic batting showed beyond doubt, their true potential. Of course, it is humane to feel bad about our country losing out to play in the finals, but it is only logical to understand the fact that Australia deserved to win this game and face New Zealand in the World Cup finals.

And so, even when at the corner of our hearts we might feel defeated and let down, let us all realize the gospel truth. C’mon guys, we cannot always be successful in everything we do. Let us learn to fall down, dust the dirt, get up and run towards our goals again…..Or let us just believe for our own contentment that this is just the silence before a disastrous storm:-P


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